Welcome to Foinse Dubh


Daithi and I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and yours. After 20+ years of doing what we love to do individually, we have come together to share our experiences and understandings with you, along with some beautiful works of art that come from our hearts to yours.

One thing that we both want you to know is that much of our work is best seen for yourself. That being said, we offer to you an open invitation to come check out the workshop space here at Foinse Dubh or just come spend time and share.  I can promise a cup of tea will be on the ready for you!

We have a spare room here at our home, so if you are coming from far away and would like to spend the night, you can.  Going rate for bed and breakfast (cooked by Daithi himself, because he is an Excellent chef) is 50 per night.


We offer Tribal Drum & Beater, Shamanic Rattle, & Shamanic Smudging Feather Making workshops; Shamanic Study Courses; Drum Ceremonies; Shamanic Journey Healing and Energy Work; Home, Land & Business Cleansing & Healing; and we have various Spiritual Gifts available to aid you on your journey.  All of these various bits n pieces can be seen throughout this website, but if you are curious about something not listed here please feel free to ask!

Looking forward to meeting you and as always You Are Blessed.

Michelle & Daithi Dubh


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