Hand Made Antler Bone Rune Set in Leather Pouch

Customers often want unique things made for them.  There is something Daithi always seems to say, “If it is from Wood, Bone, Leather, Hide, or Feathers, I can more then likely make it for you.”

Here is the process in fulfilling such a request, a set of Runes made from Antler.

Holding the Antler steady with heavy duty clamp

Hand sawing each of the individual Rune pieces, 24 of them to be exact!

Carving out each symbol onto the 24 pieces & then painting them.


Daithi hand made the leather pouch and the bone tip as a button closure is a very nice touch!


For further information on ordering a set of Runes made out of Antler, or wood, contact us!

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