New Skin Brings Aged Tree Trunk Drum Back to Life

One of the buskers of Galway City needed his double sided drum brought back to life. The skin had warn and the tree itself needed some freshening up, so of course he brought it to Daithi to see what he could do with it.  Here is what he did.

The wood itself needed several coats to quench its thirst and bring it back to a rich shine.

Getting just the right hide and sizing it to fit the odd shape of the trunk was no simple task.  Daithi chose Buffalo rawhide for one side and Elk for the other.

The rawhide lacing was a very important touch. Daithi wanted to showcase the lacing around the open knot of the tree in order to frame it.

Viola! After much drying time, it was ready for the streets.

For further information on re-skinning a drum that you have, feel free to contact us.

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