Wooden Djembe Stand

A customer that has been playing the Djembe for many years was wary of standing to play it, suffering with back pain, and wanted to be able to sit.  He asked Daithi if he could make a stand for his Djembe that would allow him to play it sitting down. So that is is exactly what he did.  Watch its creation as it unfolds.

Hand drawn design begins to come out of the wood.

Looking well pleased with how this is going to look.

Three unique pieces with hinges makes it easy to fold and carry to gigs!

Leather tied onto it can also be used to carry it ‘over the shoulder’.

Gave it a little oil to finish it off and Viola! It  was tested to work on all sizes of Djembe Drums.

For more information on a design for your own Djembe stand, contact us!

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