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Drum Making – A Shared Journey

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I was lucky enough to be able to host workshop run by Daithi at my place – Carrauntoohil Eco Farm. I can’t recommend Daithi enough, the whole process from beginning to end over the 2 days, was just magical, the care and attention and patience and love that Daithi puts into everyone and their personal drum and journey is beautiful, and the attention to detail and making sure that everyone is happy with their drums. If you want a drum – you have to go to Daithi and do this workshop — Birth Your Own Drum – it is such a beautiful process and journey, I can’t wait to start using mine and see where it takes me

Vikki Cullen

Making my own personal drum was quite profound for me at the Eco Farm Carrauntoohil.
Daithi, with his patience, kindness, and generosity imparted his knowledge of the sacredness of the process from the attuning and choosing of the skin of the animal that gifted itself to us, to all the different stages of birthing our own drums at the end of the second day. Homage and respect of our chosen animal skin was foremost in all of our endeavours throughout the weekend.

Many thanks Daithi for this wonderfull experience. I’m looking forward to playing my drum when it’s fully dry.

Helen O’Sullivan

Just spent 2 wonderful days on Carrauntoohil Eco Farm at a Make Your Own Drum Workshop with Daithi. This was an experience to be cherished. Daithi’s professional expertise, huge patience, generous open heartedness made this work of drum making a personal journey of self discovery for me. From choosing the skin, the drum frame to organising what stick we wanted for the beater, Daithi listened and guided us in the process.
The venue is a fantastic place and the whole experience of sharing it with the rest of our small group and with Daithi will be cherished.
I would highly recommend anyone wanting a drum to call on Daithi’s professional service, he has every thing one could want to make and choose from.

Mary Mc Cumiskey

My experience with this lovely man was very profound. The workshop was absolutely worth it and my drum is perfect. I definitely recommend . Thank you so much Daithi and I will surely visit you very soon my man. Lots of love and blessings.

Vladko Luckyman

I just spent the weekend at one of Daithis drum making workshops.It was fantastic.To make your own drum and beater from beginning to end is a truly amazing experience.Daithi is just brilliant.He was so patient with all of us there and his passion for his wonderful gift shone through as our drums were being birthed.He put so much time and effort into showing each of us how to do it perfectly.I so look forward to doing another one soon.Thank you so much Daithi.🙏

Geraldine Ahern

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