Dubh House

The Dubh House – A Safe Place to Journey into the Unknown

We all create our own reality and here at the Dubh House, and we are pretty flexible on what that might look like for you. Whether you plan a creative stay to make your own shamanic healing tools, or just as a get away from the city life, we have an open door of sharing and cup of tea on the ready for you.

Daithi & Michelle Dubh came from healing professions.

Daithi is a wild-skin drum maker (bodhrán and tribal), wood-worker, Shamanic healer, Conscious Foinse Dubh BeginningsDreamer, and a Conservationist. As a healer, he travels between worlds of time and space. He builds a bridge between the power of the dream, to the conscious reality of the seeker. This gift he shares openly in his teachings of Shamanic courses. It is also the intention throughout of all of his Shamanic Healing creations and sacred ceremonies he offers.  For more specific information about Daithi Dubh, visit his About Page.

Michelle has been practicing the Ida P. Rolf Method of Structural Integration for 22 years. She became certified as a Moon Mother by Miranda Gray and offers group and individual womb blessings.  As a crafts-woman in her own right, she uses herbs for intentional blends and crystals to open and ease the meridians (energy pathways) of the body. She enjoys holding space for others to grow, and offers her knowledge and healing tools to ease up the stress of change on the spirit.  For more specific information about Michelle visit her website The Total Body Connection.

Where does The Dubh House grow from here.

At the Dubh House, we see ourselves as guides to an opened gate, that brings healing to the heart of the individual, the community, and the Earth that blesses us.  As we assist others in finding their way towards healing, we also learn and grow. We found that being grounded and sure-footed along with heart and trust in the unknown helps us find peace and purpose.  From the void of everything and nothing, we found joy and happiness. Now we offer a journey of possibility to you.