Michelle Dubh

Michelle LynRay Dubh’s journey into the body began with Structural Integration in 1993 michellewhen she received a 10 session series treatment. It was such a profound life-changing experience and education of the Body/Mind relationship, along with the release of physical traumas, that she wanted to share the work with others.

She became a certified practitioner of the Ida P. Rolf Method of Structural Integration, in Boulder, CO, from Peter Melchoir & David Davis, in 1997, and received her Advanced Practitioner Certification for Structural Integration, in Kaui, HI, from Emmett Hutchins & Neal Powers, in 2015.

Through a series of 10 sessions, the whole body is treated. Metaphorically, it is like an onion becoming a blooming onion with space in-between the layers of fascial tissue. She listens to the stories found in the body, unravels the mystery, and guides her clients out of contraction into expansion. Empowered, they begin to live in this new freedom of flexibility and movement within Earth’s gravity.

Fascial manipulation is at the very core of what Michelle likes to do best. There in the fascial tissue of the body she finds the connections and pathways to physical compensation patterns, as well as the emotional seed of trauma that often cause the body to become rigid. Through patience, understanding and passion in her work, she encourages flexibility, movement, and freedom in the total body.

Every session is unique to the individual, whether it is to simply relieve stress, improve body awareness, heighten athletic performance, or tune in to one’s full living potential, she has the leading-edge tools to align mind, body, and heart to affect reality.

Michelle holds State Massage Licenses in both Nevada and Arkansas, and has been teaching continuing education classes to massage therapists since 1999.