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Shamanic Tribal Drum & Beater Workshop

March 18, 2017 @ 10:00 am - March 19, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

This 2-day workshop will give you a hands-on experience in making your own shamanic tribal drum. It begins at 10:00a each day and will go until roughly 5:00p.

At the end of it all you will take away your own specialized, designed, and birthed drum ready for use. The knowledge you will gain in drum making as well as some Shamanic practice while spending 2 days with Daithi Dubh is priceless.

In order to give a high quality workshop there is a MAXIMUM OF 5 participants allowed for this course, so reserve your space soon.

Here is an idea of what your journey with Daithi will include for the 2 days in February. Lunch will be provided for both days, or you can bring your own.

Day 1 – March 18
* Begin with a journey to gather your intention for your drum.
* Learn about what it takes to start a drum from ‘scratch’, including a drum rim making demonstration.
* Choose a section of the hide you wish to use for your drum, cut it along with the lacing and ready it for soaking.
* Make your own beater. Bring a special piece of wood (min. 1-1/2″ thick and 12″ long), learn how to lathe it, stich the beater head leather, stuff it and decorate it.
* Prepare your rim with special engraving, your name, date, or symbols that mean something to the power of your drum.

Day 2 – March 19
* Any required prep work on the rim or beater that didn’t get finished in day one can be done at the beginning of day 2.
* Stretch the soaked hide over the wooden drum rim and bind it with the hide lacing. This sounds much easier then it is, but there is a process to do it right and Daithi will guide you through that.
* Hold ceremony to birth your drum to infuse it with your intention and awaken it to purpose. This is a very important and respectful ceremony of thanks and intent.
*Learn how best to care for your drum to keep it in the best condition and vibration.



Reserve your space for the 2-day event with a non-refundable deposit of €75 no later then March 11, 2017. This amount may be forwarded to another workshop event, should an emergency arrise and you are unable to attend.

Total cost for the event will depend grately on the particulars of the drum you wish to create. All available skins are from wild animals with healthy organic lives, which gives their hides great variability for vibration and sound. The spirit of the animal lived in its true environment, not farmed, so the life lives magically in the hide. It continues to live and be honored in the drums made from their essence.

Here are the examples and corresponding cost that you can choose from:

16″ Ash or Oak rim
* Red Deer €250
* Reindeer €275
* North American Elk €300
* North American Mustang €325
* North American Bison €375

18″ Ash, Oak, or Maple rim
* Red Deer €275
* Reindeer €300
* North American Elk €325
* North American Mustang €350
* North American Bison €450

20″ Maple rim
* Red Deer €300
* Reindeer €325
* North American Elk €350
* North American Mustang €375
* North American Bison €475

Foinse Dubh is located 5 mins from the Woodlawn train station, so if you would like to arrange pick-up and drop off, we can do so.

There are also coaches that run to Ballinasloe and we can arrange for pick up and drop off from from there.

If you are coming from far away and would like to reserve accommodations, we can offer you the following options for an additional cost:

Double bed room at Foinse Dubh €50/night (incl. breakfast)
Couch surfing at Foinse Dubh €25/night (incl. breakfast)
Double bed room at Green Hills Farm Stay €50/night (incl. breakfast)
Camping grounds at Green Hills Farm Stay €15/night
or other hotel accommodations are in Ballinasloe €€

Daithi and Michelle welcome you to Foinse Dubh and look forward to seeing you.


March 18, 2017 @ 10:00 am
March 19, 2017 @ 5:00 pm


Daithi Dubh
083 880 1177


Foinse Dubh
Liscune, Ballymacward
Ballinasloe, Co. Galway 00 Ireland
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