Green Hills Farm Stay

Our good friend, Pat Noone and his lovely wife Eveline, and 4 daughters live about 2km from us on a truly magical piece of land, that offers SO much to someone interested in learning about the ‘Old Celtic’ ways and the history of the area.  His land is blessed with an earthworks known as a Fairy Circle, a 4,000 year old Cairn, which is an unearthed burial mound, a magical lake, and with stillness and life beyond what I am sure you have never felt before.

So, Daithi and I absolutely want to support him through any means we can, this website being shared with other like-minded travelers is a simple way for us to express our gratitude to Pat and his family for all they have done to make us feel at home here in the countryside of Ireland.


Pat has protected 10 acres of wetland on his property for his vision of a garden of Native Irish Willow trees. The Irish American Garden is a way for him to offer connection to Ireland for the Americans, that he has met throughout his travels, those who hold either Irish heritage or just a warm place in their heart for Irish land and wish to feel connected to it.

The willow tree gives us hope, a sense of belonging, safety and the ability to let go of the pain and suffering we have experienced and grow new, strong and bold. The image of the willow tree is our path to stability, hope and healing.

Contact US to learn more and purchase your very own Willow tree in the Irish American Garden.


He offers his land as a Hostel for those who want to camp and enjoy the peaceful magic, or for those who want more of a bed and breakfast, he and his family offer you a room in their home.

To reach Pat and Eveline to make your reservations, call them at +353 (0)90 9686884

You can also learn more from their Facebook page at

Perhaps plan to camp out on Pat’s land and come to a Tribal Drum & Beater Making workshop at our place!

Check out the lovely video below.