Crystal Healing – Sacred Ground 7″ Stretch Bracelet


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Sacred Ground

Powerful, firm footing in earth while the sun illuminates within the eye of the storm. Stay calm amid chaos, feel energized and empowered, with clear vision and focus from a heightened perspective.

Quality: All of the stones found in this bracelet are extremely high quality, which allows for their benefits to be fully received by the wearer.

Stones: Pietersite, Sunstone, Pyrite, Blue Tiger Eye, Dragon’s Blood Jasper

One of a Kind Pieces: Due to the color variations found in each of the stones, the images you see of the jewelry may not be the exact piece of jewelry you will be receiving.  Each stone is hand picked for the best possible combination of esthetic appeal and healing quality to be contained within each piece.

Prices are subject to change without notice based on the availability and use of each semi-precious stone.

*Shipping amounts are estimated and we may need to contact you if any adjustments need to be made that will affect the total price. Thank you.

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Weight .07 kg
Dimensions 29.21 × 15.24 × 2.54 cm


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