Customized Ovoid / Sami Style Shamanic Tribal Healing Drums



Engraving Inside Drum Rim & Feathers

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Back of Drum Extras

Hand Painting

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Ovoid – Sami Style Shamanic Tribal Healing Hand Drums

Shamanic Tribal Healing Hand Drums have played an important part in many indigenous tribal ceremonies, celebrations and spiritual festivals.  The hand drum made from rawhide is recognized as a living entity and a symbol of absolute connection with the Great Spirit creator.  Different hides have been used to represent varying aspects of sacred life.  The indigenous people have used the hand drum to connect with Great Spirit and so can you.

Shamanic Hand Drums Designed for You

These fabulous Sami Style Shamanic drums are all hand made to order and bound with hand cut rawhide lacing from the same hide as the front of the drum.  All the hides come from wild or ranged animals that have led a natural life and as such the rawhide varies in depth across the face of the drum giving a superior sound and resonance to hides from farmed animals.

All Wild Spirit Drums are made outside under the clear Nevada Sky in a respectful and ceremonial manner with each drum cleansed with copal before being delivered to the new owner.

All drums come with a hand-crafted beater, instructions on how to care for your drum and also a birthing ceremony.


All Hides Vary in Texture and Color

Every Shamanic Tribal Drum is unique, both in sound and texture, however, each one is made with you and your intentional use in mind. Using animal hide for your drum is a way to keep the spirit of the animal alive, long after its physical passing. The drums are made respectfully and in honor of the spirit that gave us such a gift.

Understanding the Extras

Shipping will be calculated upon order completion and invoiced separately.

For Double Sided Ovoid – Sami Style Drums OR Ocean Drums with this style of rim, please contact us directly.

Extra options are to have a design hand-painted onto the drum and/or engraved into the inner rim of the drum.  There are also ways to incorporate other animal energy into the drum; deer antler laced into the back handle, or animal furs attached, for example. Pricing for these unique options are available on this page.

A simple beater comes with the drum, however, Specialty Beaters, with crystals, feathers, or an attached Shamanic Rattle are sold separately.  If you would like to create your own beater, see the Customized Shamanic Tribal Drum Beater product page.


The Shamanic Tribal Healing Drums are a lifetime purchase. Meaning that if it looses sound, it can be re-soaked and re-strung to bring it back to life. Providing the quality of the hide has not been damaged beyond repair, Daithi allows customers to bring their drums back in and he will take care of it for them, for the cost of his time only.

If you have a drum wherein the hide needs to be replaced, or the drum needs to come back to life, Daithi will take a look at it and work his craftsmanship for you. Pricing will vary depending on request, which can be made through the Contact Us page.


*Shipping amounts are estimated and we may need to contact you if any adjustments need to be made that will affect the total price. Thank you.

Additional information

Round Rim Size

18.5"x14", 22.5"x18"

Raw Hide Skin

N. American Elk, N. American Bison, N. American Mustang, Reindeer, Deer


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