Native American Drum Beater

We make a variety of beaters or strikers for your drum.  All are made with suede heads on sustainably harvested wooden handles. These drum beaters are simple and left as natural as possible to keep the essence of the tree in the hands of the user.

Native American Drum Beater and Buffalo Hide Rattle

This 26″ Native American Drum Beater and Buffalo Hide Rattle makes the drumming experience truly exceptional. The sound that this gives to the beat of the drum awakens and soothes energy in such a powerful way.

Do you have a particular drum beater in mind?  We can do custom made Native American Drum Beaters HERE.

Shipping will be calculated upon order completion and invoiced separately.

*Shipping amounts are estimated and we may need to contact you if any adjustments need to be made that will affect the total price. Thank you.


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