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Smudging Feather Wands

Smudging Feathers have been used in reverence and in relationship with air, birds, and connection of prayer to Great Spirit. Birds are considered linked between heaven and earth as they defy gravity through flight. Using smudging feathers in ceremony for cleansing, healing, blessings, or celebrations are said to take your intentions straight to Source.

Smudging Feathers have been used to gently change the vibration, by directing smoke from burning sacred herbs into and around a person, land, or home. It is a very personal tool designed to extend ones intention of healing, cleansing, or shifting the energy of the receiver.

Smudging Feather Wand with Full Deer Antler Handle

This elegant design has 4 large feathers placed into a full antler handle and decorated with red leather and 2 more feathers onto the tips of the strands.

A beautiful work of art ready to extend your intentions for your Shamanic practice.

Shipping will be calculated upon order completion and invoiced separately.

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