Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablet Discs



Charcoal Tablet Discs

Each pack of charcoal tablet discs comes sealed in a foil wrapper and contains 10 tablet discs.

These tablet discs are smoke-free and odorless and have been environmentally sourced from fruit trees such as the apple tree.

Sourcing Information: The charcoal used is made from timber cut from fruit trees, the process ensures no tree is cut down and there remains a sustainable supply of timber.

How to use it

To be used in charcoal burners or a heatproof holder.  It is also advised to be sure the burner or holder you use is atop something that can handle heat as the holder will get hot as well.

The charcoal tablet discs are self lighting, meaning that once they begin to take the heat, from a match or lighter, they will begin a spark that will grow into the disc.  Once the spark has begun you can place the disc into the burner and let it do the rest.

Once the charcoal is fully lit you can spoon or sprinkle the herb, resin, or powder on in small amounts.  The heat from the charcoal causes the herb to slowly burn thus producing the desired smoke without a flame.

Keep burning incense out of the reach of children and pets, and never leave unattended.


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