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Letting the Heart Guide Your Feet

There are so many untouched places of sacred ground on this amazing planet, and Daithi Dubh knows many of the ‘hidden’ ones that are truly a gift to behold and connect with.

Mountains, Valleys, Rivers, Rocks, Oceans Speak!

Here is what others are saying about their journeys with Daithi…

“Hand on my heart, I can say Daithi Dubh is as genuine as you’ll get for any Shamanic work, drum making and Fire Ceremonies. It has been a privilege to work with, and learn from him here in Ireland and abroad. I learned so much from us traveling together in Mexico, where he was my guide this March 2018.  See you back here in the Summer Daithi for many more Fires. Many thanks and blessings also to your wife Michelle.” Edwin Flavin

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