Wild Soles Fire Walks


  • Wild Soles Fire Walk Events Across the USA & Ireland
  • Fire Walking
  • Broken Glass Walking
  • Arrow Snapping
  • Board & Brick Breaking
  • Bed of Nails
  • Bending Rebar
  • Fire Eating

Many of the natural environments of our planet are dependent on the cleansing and purifying aspects of fire. As with the planet, the human spirit is also in need of clearing out limitations to create space for clear intentions and new growth for a better future.

Daithi Dubh creates a relaxed safe space for people to break through their fears and encourages them to move forward.  His events are easy going and fun

Fire Walk Speaks!

Here is what some of the participants are saying about Daithi’s Fire Walk Events…

“Daithi and Michelle create a beautiful energetic atmosphere. Daithi is a fountain of knowledge and he will happily teach you while quietly preparing you to walk on the fire. My personal experience was to both energise me and remove some of the old. I walked further then I have ever done before on fire so that meant face my fear and being present but it wasn’t hard because you are so ready when it come to the walk. I would highly recommend this experience, I be done it twice and I would do it again and again. Each time is different and always positive. Thank you both.”  Aoife Kendellen

“I have done many fire walks with Daithi, and I can highly recommend, he is so very professional and brings an amazing presence and channels his healing abilities through the fires in a gentle and non invasive way – if you are looking to step out of your comfort zone and try something different and feel amazing afterwards – you have to experience a firewalk with Daithi!”  Vikki Cullen


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Watch videos of previously recorded Fire Walks HERE!