Wild Spirit Drums

Wild Spirit Drums, by Daithi Dubh

Daithi Dubh, created Wild Spirit Drums due to his love and passion with both Native America & Ireland. He specializes in Custom Bodhran and Tribal Drums made from wild skins of the N. American Bison, N. American Mustang, N. American Elk, Red Deer & Reindeer.

Wild Spirit Drums Have a Worldwide Presence!

Daithi’s hand crafted Native American style hand drums, have found their home in Switzerland, Iceland, Scandinavia, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Several states in the USA including the International Center Of Spiritual And Ancestral Wisdom, South Africa, Canada, France, Scotland, England, Wales, Australia, Slovakia, Croatia, Lithuania, to name a few.  A big thank you for those who have shared and continue to share Daithi’s amazing skills with their friends around the world!

Make Your Own Drum

Daithi hosts regular drum making workshops throughout the United States and Ireland with occasional visits to other countries like Iceland and Australia to name a few.  Check out the Events in our Calendar for an upcoming workshop near you.  If you are interested in hosting a drum making workshop event, let us know!

Please note that we often cater to people who would prefer a one-to-one drum making session, or to simply be a small part of their drum coming together. Just let us know when you’d like to come out to the Dubh House in Boulder City, Nevada and we’ll have tea on the ready for you.

Other Shamanic Healing Tools

Along with the brilliant sounds coming from the drums created by Daithi, he also makes smudging feathers, rattles, and other healing tools that help the user connect with spirit.

If you want something made especially for you, just ask!  Daithi has many creative components at his fingertips.  A variety of animal fur, turtle shells, feathers, leathers, wood, crystals, antler tips and full deer and elk antlers, just to name a few. Would you like to come over and create something meaningful yourself with a little guidance along the way from Daithi?  Just let us know, the door is open.

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