Wild Traveler Music

Wild Traveler

Music that leads the mind into the creative void

Daithi Dubh & George Henner have put together a piece of magic! With the use of 9 of Daithi’s Rawhide Hand made Drums, Turtle Rattle and Rawhide Rattle, a masterpiece that sheds the mind of concern and opens it to its untapped potential has been created!

The first of many to come is appropriately titled ‘1. Rise’ and a 30 sec preview can be heard on the Wild Traveler Youtube channel.  A powerful shamanic trance journey: This is the Snake journey, the “1. Rise” of our being and transmutation signified by shedding the skin. The track lasts over 60 minutes and travels through 120, 140 & 180 beats per minute with 9 Drums and 2 Rattles hand-made by Wild Traveler. It truly is a POWERHOUSE

To purchase the Full Album (62.12 mins) visit their shop on CdBaby.

Their creative minds are expanding and the funds from purchasing the album are going into more amazing future projects!